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Swiss Real Estate Yield

In 2021, with bank interest rates constantly getting lower along with limited low risk investment alternatives. Financial Partners came together to find new solutions.

From this was born our new yield product SafeImmo. A guaranteed annual yield of 4% to 6% powered by Swiss real easte investments. Thanks to our numerous years of real estate expertise, your investment florishes from the financing of local real estate projects managed and built by trusted local partners. This translates into exclusive results while contributing to a safely balanced investment portfolio.


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Relying on our field knowledge coupled with our network and

our real estate agency partners, Financial Partners helps you

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Our Services

• Defining you expectations and budget

• Prospecting the market throughout our network

• Selecting best suited offers

• Pre-visits or joining on your visits

• Evaluation of property quality and potential renovation costs

• Negotiating acquisition conditions, property price and mortgage rate

• Advice on legal front for the property purchase.


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Do you own a land, an apartment, a family house, a

property which inherited or you simply

need to move out ?

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your property will be managed
with professionalism and necessary
commitment to reach an
ideal transaction.

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